“Before Alice got to wonderland she had to fall.”

It’s been an interesting and a tough few months since deciding to take the plunge and paddle around Ireland in May and June 2017. I have had many successes with Nigel Dennis at Sea Kayaking UK being extremely supportive to my trip and many other outdoor providers being very generous with support, plus my employer – Outward Bound giving me the time to do the trip.

I’ve also had a wonderful time paddling with great friends in Pembrokeshire and also in North Wales around Bardesy Island. Playing in some cool conditions. Getting my skills up for the trip and my 4 Star Sea.

On the other hand I’ve had my struggles the last month with illness’ and putting my back out with a bulging disc and also loosing a close family friend. It puts massive doubts in your head, stresses on your mind. You question everything you were once so enthusiastic about – life can be difficult. While thinking, ‘I’ve had enough, I’m a broken woman!’ I saw this great quote – Before Alice got to wonderland she had to fall!

Do not get me wrong, I’ve had so many highs over the past few months and perhaps that is why the tough stuff has hit me so hard. We do need those lows to realise how lucky we are when the good things come along.

What’s the plan now then Caoimhe?? Well Next month (October) is 4 Star Sea at the Cornwall Symposium. Until then I plan to strengthen my back, get out in a boat and try to get my full mobility back. So at the minute my life involves lots of reading about Ireland and coming up with plans for my trip to ‘wonderland’ EVERYDAY!