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Celtic Pro 600 Kinetik Touring

For the past 6 months I’ve been using the Celtic Pro 600 Kinetik Touring, 4 Piece straight narrow shaft, paddle. Before this I was using the Werner Shuna, cranked shaft.

First noticeable features of the Celtic 600 is the narrow shaft, this has made my hands life so much easier. It is nice to grip especially in rougher seas for a person with smaller hands. Before my Around Ireland trip I did a lot of paddle training and received some blisters and skin hardening. However, no training will ever get your hands or body ready for a 2 month expedition. I was surprised to find I got NO serious blistering on my hands, I put this down to having a paddle that suited my hands.

The paddle is light, something I worried about when first trying the paddle as the Werner is so light. However, they are around the same weight, possibly the Celtic 600 is lighter. I have not missed the cranked paddle either. Its nice being able to grip the paddle anywhere along the shaft to help in flows or strong winds. I feel my cadence forward paddling has improved greatly since using the Celtic 600. The narrower surface of the paddle means less stress on my hands, arms and body. I used this paddle everyday of my trip around Ireland and I never received any injuries that stopped me from paddling. I feel this was down to the paddle as it didn’t over power me on those bigger, longer days.

Rolling with the Celtic 600, I find the paddle doesn’t resurface as easily as a werner, however with a bit of time I’ve got used to were I need to place the paddle for success. The slightly narrower blade as encouraged me to become better at using my body rather than the power of my blade. My favourite feature of this paddle is that I can break it into 4 sections to travel with it anywhere. This has been most useful for travelling from Wales to Ireland on a flight and most recently I’ve been able to carry the paddle to Canada in my hand luggage. Another cool feature is the reflective branding on the paddle. It’s been reassuring for night paddles and meant I’ve been easy to see with just a small amount of light.

I would recommend and have been recommending the Celtic Pro 600 to any small paddler especially us women who have small hands!! It is ideal for BIG days and expeditioning when you want to conserve energy. I will definitely be investing in a spare Celtic Pro 600 and I am keen to try out the Pro 650 for days when I want a bit more muscle. Happy adventuring and paddling - Caoimhe

For more information on Celtic paddles, please visit their website: Celtic Paddles

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